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Sanjarbek Sobirjonov
Sanjarbek Sobirjonov

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How can I make money by creating online edu-platform?

Hi, We are creating online education platform which is compatible for Central Asia. We have own auditory(aboug 5K on social networks and 100+ visits/day on website). The first version is free and open for all. But now we are creating a platform based on monthly/annual subscription. But how can we make money with that subscription? Consider that user paid for the subscription and he/she has access to all courses. But we should pay all instructors for their courses. But how can we distribute and be on profit? Can you suggest some thoughts?


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Andrew Wooldridge

Talk to folks at Scrimba or Let the teachers distribute their work under a common Gumroad account and you distribute the earnings. Perhaps you pay the teachers a one time fee and then act like a publisher.

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Camilo Caquimbo Tabares

Review at Indie Hackers 🦾