Is it worth to use JQuery for beginner Javascript developers?

sobirjonovs profile image Sanjar Sobirjonov ・1 min read

Hi, colleagues. I'm beginner on Javascript and I'm learning DOM and Algorithm using Javascript after Javascript inner fundamentals. What do you consider that is it worth to use jQUery for me? Or what advices?


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I'd probably skip jQuery. Learning vanilla JavaScript is the most important part and from there on you could move to a component library like Vuejs or React. Trying to use jQuery knowledge rather than vanilla JavaScript could make it more difficult to learn the newer libraries.

If you're not sure what to do, learning more vanilla JavaScript is never a bad idea. Even if it's only for DOM manipulation.


No, I think you should start with Min-compat, Max-concept, Max-something-new; so probably

  • JS modules <script type="module">

Later on, if you need it, learn Bundler, to maximize compatibility. -- which is jQuery killer, anyway.

Use jQuery only if you need jQuery plugins.


I would say no.

Today (as far as I'm aware) JavaScript can do everything jQuery does just as easily. jQuery was more important many years ago when this wasn't the case.

If you're going to learn something, there is no advantage in learning jQuery instead of JavaScript. But there is a huge disadvantage because JavaScript is essential for development (unless you use a completely different language).


You can learn how DOM works with jQuery. jQuery is pretty easy to learn and use. It is well documented too. But once you have learnt the basic concepts, I recommend you to try modern web development with React JS. They are two totally different ways of doing things.


jQuery is an all-purpose library that makes several vanilla JS tasks easier, notably for manipulating the DOM. It's not strictly necessary knowledge these days, but it is still good to touch on as you learn about the frontend portion of web development. Don't spend too long getting all the details, but I would recommend looking at it - if only to contrast it with more modern methods of frontend development.