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Learn Blazor for WebDev and get to use C# in all the layers

 -1- Overview video

This 20 min video gives you a mile high view of Blazor covering component input and output, routing, HTTP and a little on Forms. It's a good place to start

-2- First introduction to Blazor

This article goes through all you need to know to get started but also gives you enough knowledge to keep building out your skills.

 -3- JavaScript interop and Blazor

Sometimes you need to talk to JavaScript, even if you mostly will do C#. This shows how you can include an NPM package as part of your Blazor app.

-4- Routing in Blazor

Routing is an important topic. This article covers different types of routing and also covers router and query parameters.

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Shaiju T • Edited

Nice, 😄.

2 Questions:

  1. I think based on above post, we cannot do a alert using C#, we have to invoke IJSRuntime . So how does this IJSRuntime does the alert ? does it converts C# to Javascript and then runs in browser ?

  2. How is Blazor initial load time after release of .NET 5 ? compared to Angular and React , is it performant ?

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Chris Noring
  1. I think it becomes WASM, have a look here, technical lead Steve Sanderson is trying to explain how Blazor does things,
  2. Here's an article explaining that yrs, performance improving a lot on .NET 5.. As for vs Js SPAs, I don't have exact metrics. One thing I know they ar working on is the initial bundle size, which takes time on first load
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