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FindCollabs: Find Collaborators. Build Projects.

Collaboration on the Internet creates innovation. New inventions, new art, and new products--built by people working together on the Internet.

FindCollabs is a product we have been working on to enable people to find and collaborate with each other. If you want to try it out, you can go to

FindCollabs is for finding people to create your projects with, and getting those projects built. Whether you are a programmer, a writer, a musician, a game designer, an actor, a videographer, or a project manager--you can find people to collaborate with.

Everyone has ideas for new projects. Whether your project is a business, an open source tool, a cryptocurrency, or a video, you can use FindCollabs to define your projects.

Click "New Project", and FindCollabs walks you through the project creation.

You can always change the project title and description later on.

Once you have made your project, you can define roles for that project. Say you need a script writer and three videographers. Just define each role and a short description for those roles.

Click "Done", and now you are in the project page. You can use the chat interface to post more details about your project.

FindCollabs lets you find and invite people to your projects, so that you can put together a team to build your project.

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FindCollabs also has a reputation system.

When you work on a project, your collaborators rate you. As you make contributions to projects, you show the FindCollabs community that you are reliable and productive--and other people will want to work with you because of that.

The only way to build huge, ambitious projects as a team is for people to trust each other. If you are unreliable, people will not want to work with you.

When you join a project on FindCollabs, you are committing to doing work that will add value to that project.

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If you like to build projects and be creative, you might like FindCollabs. To get started, you can go to, log in, and post a project. Or join someone else's project.

If you are ever confused about anything, you can always send me an email.

FindCollabs Hackathons

We are sponsoring a series of hackathons on FindCollabs.

These hackathons are for anyone with a creative project--whether you want to make a music video, a virtual reality game, an acoustic guitar song, a cryptocurrency whitepaper, a mobile app, a commercial--anything creative.

Our first hackathon starts today, March 3rd 2019, and ends at 11:59 PM PST on Saturday March 16th. On March 17 2019 we will announce the winners of the first hackathon, and send them emails. We will also announce the details of the second hackathon.


In the first hackathon, the prizes are not very big. But they will get bigger over time. If you like the idea of FindCollabs, it might benefit you to get involved now, so that you can build your reputation and find better people to work with in the future.

1st place: $500 divided evenly among the winning team; SE Daily hoodies for each member of the team

2nd place: SE Daily hoodies for each member of the team

Most valuable feedback on the product: SE Daily Towel

Most helpful community member award: SE Daily Old School Bucket Hat

Old School Bucket Hat


The FindCollabs hackathons will be judged by a panel of investors, entrepreneurs, podcasters, artists, and technologists. We will announce the judges of the first hackathon in the next few days.

These judges will be voting based on which projects they like the most.


Every project on the FindCollabs site before 11:59 PM PST on Saturday March 16th will be entered to win the contest.

To find our detailed terms and conditions, go to

Thanks for taking the time to read through this post. If you get a chance, check out FindCollabs and feel free to send me feedback. I'd love to know what you think, and any suggestions you have.

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abaracedo profile image
Alejandro Bar Acedo

That looks really good. I tried to sign up and I got stuck trying to update my profile.

It seems there's an error when trying to fill the skills input.

software_daily profile image
Jeff Meyerson

We had a pretty bad signin bug that should be fixed now. Alejandro--would you have a chance to give it another shot?

alanmbarr profile image
Alan Barr

I had to fill out the bio section with words and add a skill and it seemed to let me through

software_daily profile image
Jeff Meyerson

Thank you for checking it out! Any feedback?

Thread Thread
alanmbarr profile image
Alan Barr

Love the concept. Love the podcast. The UI feels stifling. I would want some kind of categorization and/or search. I feel I have to scroll a lot and all this information is blasted at me where I would rather have it just show the project titles and let me click into it if i'm interested in the details. Just my gut reaction.

Thread Thread
software_daily profile image
Jeff Meyerson

Yes--agree. Maybe a topic system like Quora has.

diek profile image

The site is dead already, the post is from 2019 omaigad.

whitewolf9 profile image
Saurav Sanyal

A much more efficient way of looking for collaborators. Too bad the site won't load.