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Somanath Goudar
Somanath Goudar

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Build a GMAIL Clone Using just HTML & CSS - Beginners Tutorial

I Built Gmail Clone using just HTML & CSS. I Just Love to build these to practice my HTML & CSS Skills. I made a tutorial video to help beginners to improve there html & css skills to build real world projects.

Tutorial Video:


Do you want to improve your HTML & CSS skills? Then Watch this video and follow along with me where we build GMAIL Clone using just HTML & CSS. We will be using flexbox and Google font Icons in this project.

Hope You Guys Enjoyed the Video. Like Share Comment and Subscribe to my channel for more videos like these.

Subscribe to My YouTube Channel, Next Week I Will be building Tiktok Clone & Instagram Reels Clone with just HTML & CSS.

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FFFF:0000h • Edited

Would you know a thing or two about java spring boot app and how i could transfer all these to it? Sorry for my question if it seems ignorant. I'm genuinely asking.

somanathgoudar profile image
Somanath Goudar

Umm.. No Idea about them. I am completely into JavaScript currently