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My Success as a developer

I am a Javascript developer, using different Javascript frameworks, and honestly, I started writing codes 6 months ago. Before that, I only knew how to write HTML tags, CSS properties, and I thought that that was everything I needed.
As I started exploring and using other different technologies, I can see there are a lot that I don't know.

These are the lessons, that I learned and that will help anyone succeed in a software development carrier.

1. Learn Everyday

There are many things you don't know. Even though you may be proud of the things you have done, but programming has many things, one can't know. There are many languages, many algorithms, and many books to read. If you sit and think that you know everything, my friend, you are wrong.
Always learn new things

2. Don't work alone

I think many developers, like being alone in front of their computers. They can even spend the week, months, or even a longer time, without physical interaction with other people.
But I tell you, find other people to work with like classmates, friends, or other developers, that is going to motivate you and keep you on right track of wanting to know more. Because even if being alone seemed fun and fair to you, it is not good for your health and you get discouraged easily.
Learn to work with others
Coding is fun with friends.

3. Practice and practice

There is an English proved that says "Practice makes perfect". That is not different in programming, practicing every day will make you good and teach you many new things.
When you are a developer and you don't practice, eventually you will forget even simple tags or simple syntax.
Always practice codes

4. Solve problem

In my previous article, I talked about what the programmer should do. Solving problems. And you need to start doing that if you want to apply your programming skills. You don't need to wait for anyone to give you a task to practice. Start with simple problems in your society and find their solutions. You will be getting experience and at the same time, make use of your codes.
Learn to solve problems

5. Learn from others

Like I told you to work with others, you need to learn from them. Know that no one knows everything. So anyone can teach you something. Collect different ideas, knowledge from different people. That way, you will be improving yourself.
Learning from other people and asking for help

6. Ask for help

As people we tend to protect our pride, and think that if we ask for help, people will laugh, or question our abilities. But that's not true. Asking for help is not an act of cowardness, it's a sign and proof that you understand the nature of life. People are happy to help you when you ask for help because that's the respect you are showing them too.

Those were some tips to help you succeed as a developer, but that's not all. You might have your own from your experience. Feel free to share it with us.

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