Cover image for Using Figma to create My Personalised Github Cover Image ✏️

Using Figma to create My Personalised Github Cover Image ✏️

soorajsnblaze333 profile image Sooraj ・1 min read

Hey guys. I have recently been updating my github profile to add all my learnings and making a unique and personalised look for my profile. And so, I created a unique github cover for myself using the Figma UI tool.

I wanted a minimalistic approach for my cover image. So I combined 4 things about myself such as

  • One of my favourite Colours (a warmer and lighter shade).
  • The tool I use to code everyday.
  • The languages/frameworks I use.
  • My personality - Happy!

to create this
Alt Text

You can check out my profile at https://github.com/SoorajSNBlaze333

I feel that the mix of creating it on my own and adding the things I like, defines the image as "Me". What do you guys think about it :)


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Liked your concept ❤️

How's this one?


github.com/hrittikhere, this is awesome 🤘🏻. Keep up the great work. Thank you for sharing it. And glad that you like my concept :)