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Soumya Dey
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What & Where to Learn - Web Development Roadmap in 2020

Before you begin with the Roadmap

  • I am sharing a roadmap for learning web-development starting from the absolute beginner stage
  • This is not the only way you can become a web developer. You don't have to follow the exact sequence of learning these technologies.
  • You can of course mix and match according to your preference.
  • I am sharing the courses or tutorials that I found helpful in learning the various web technologies.
  • And most importantly, the course creators or instructors haven't paid me to talk about their courses.
  • The courses that I am sharing here are for learning MERN stack [MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js].

Let's Begin

Alt Text

The typical roadmap for learning all the technologies for becoming a decent MERN stack web developer would be something like the following 👇

🖥️ Front-End technologies:

  • Html
  • CSS
    • CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Tailwind, etc.
    • Preprocessor libraries like SASS etc.
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Javascript
    • DOM manipulation
    • ES6 features in-depth
  • React, Vue or Angular
    • Design frameworks line Material UI etc.
    • Packages like Redux etc.

🛠️ Back-End technologies:

  • Node.js
  • Express.js
    • REST API with Express.js
    • Authentication in Backend
  • Git and Github for version control
  • MongoDB
    • Mongoose.js

📱 Mobile development technologies:

  • React Native or Flutter

Courses for learning these awesome technologies

When I started to learn I didn't felt very comfortable reading the documentation for learning something. So I went for online tutorials.
These courses gave me a headstart. And after several months [more like a year and a half] learning these things, I can say that I'm comfortable now to learn a new technology on my own, following written tutorials and documentation.

For knowing about all the technologies in a single course you can go for the following course. 👉

But keep in mind this won't give you in-depth 
knowledge of these technologies. After this course, 
you'll be comfortable working with these 
technologies, and then you have to continue for more 
advanced knowledge.
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If you want to take more of a modular approach 👉

Hope you will have a good time learning these 😄.

Again I'm saying, none of the instructors of the mentioned courses sponsored me to write about their courses.
I am sharing these because some of these courses helped me a lot to learn about web development and I'm very grateful to these awesome people for making these tutorials.

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Thanks for reading 😃.

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Top comments (5)

gmarokov profile image
Georgi Marokov

Back end is much more than Node/Mongo combo...
Just briefly comes to my mind:

  • Restful APIs, GraphQL, WebSockets, Service to Service communication, message brokers
  • There are different use cases for document and relational DBs. There are other options too. Learning SQL is a must for back end developers.
  • Web servers, HTTP
  • Docker, microservices, CI/CD practices
soumyadey profile image
Soumya Dey

I know...In this post I shared only the things that I learned till now...
I will surely add more to this list later
Thanks for your comment

gmarokov profile image
Georgi Marokov

Good luck with your learnings :)

devhammed profile image
Hammed Oyedele

How will I be able to know all these when the government of where I live "Nigeria" is killing techies!

mddanishyusuf profile image
Mohd Danish

You can add this course by WesBos Fullstack Advanced React & GraphQL