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Master in CSS in 2021


Web design is one of the areas with the highest growth in recent years (if I will tell you, I have only been in this world for 3 years and I have never stopped because something new comes out every day 😄).

So I give you the key points to become an expert, I say expert, a complete MASTER in CSS and you can apply to any job today as a Frontend Developer (of course you should also know HTML and JS, but today we will see CSS).

1. CSS from Zero

Make the web beautiful with the only language created for design, start playing with this wonderful language and you will see how everything begins to take shape.

2. Flexbox and GridCSS

Design flexible interfaces with the system used by all CSS frameworks (Bulma, Bootstrap, Tailwind, etc).

3. Advanced CSS

Learn in depth the various modules that css has, such as things like pseudoElements or pseudoSelectors, among others.

4. CSS variables

CSS has native variables with TOTAL browser support! Learn to use them and you will be able to boost your design to a more dynamic and professional level (almost approaching programming as in other languages).

5. Responsive Web Design

Design websites and apps that look perfect on any screen size. Learn how your traditional designs can be scaled with the MediaQuerys to give specific styles for both laptop screens and mobile phone screens.

6. Animations with CSS

Create animations optimized for the web in 2D and 3D without programming, just with a few lines of CSS thanks to properties like transforms and animation.

7. Preprocessors from Zero

Convert your styles CSS into a programming language (now yes) with preprocessors such as Less, Stylus or SASS (we could even say that Postcss but this is called a PostProcessor, something through which your final styles pass in order to optimize them more).

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dennisfrijlink profile image
Dennis Frijlink

Thanks for your post about master CSS. Many people underestimate the importance and complexity of styling.

One small thing. By giving examples of CSS frameworks what are using CSS grid/flexbox, do you mean "Bulma" instead of "Bulba"?

soyleninjs profile image
Lenin Felix

Thanks, and indeed, many underestimate the power that CSS really has nowadays, as every time we can do amazing things and it is under appreciated.

PS: :O OMG, sorry it was a typo, now I correct it.

dennisfrijlink profile image
Dennis Frijlink

Haha np man ;)

pscl profile image

Very interesting article. Thanks!