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Prashanth Vamanan Srinivasan
Prashanth Vamanan Srinivasan

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JavaScriptmas Advent Calendar 2020

Hi all programmers out there !

At the start of this month, Scrimba started a fun yet thoughtful series of programming challenges using JavaScript known as JavaScriptmas.

Those who aren't aware of what Scrimba is, it is an online platform teaching front-end development related technologies.

The really cool thing about Scrimba is that you can edit the instructor's code as they are typing and make tweaks and see it live, which I believe is a great way of active learning or learning by doing

Javascriptmas is a 24-day challenge launched by Scrimba which gives a challenge to be solved each day using JavaScript. I am a junior developer in a startup and I use javascript based technologies there on a daily basis.

These series of challenges enabled me to solidify my javascript skills and also exposed me to newer ways of thinking and multiple ways of solving the same problem.

So here are my solutions for each day of the Javascriptmas challenge

(These are not the best solutions, just the ones which I thought were suited for the given problem)


Taking part in such a challenge and solving a coding problem daily has taught me how to be consistent at something. Also this improves our thinking and enables us to come up with better and optimised solutions for future problems.

If you haven't yet attempted JavaScriptmas, I strongly recommend you to do so as it is a lot of fun and at the same time you can win a lot of cool prizes and be part of an amazing community of like minded individuals.

Until we meet next time, Happy Coding :)

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