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Nathan Pasko
Nathan Pasko

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Pokémon + Dev ?

Any other devs out there celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon games? A little bit of childhood nostalgia is going a long way for me this weekend.

So what’s your favorite Pokémon-related dev tool? Mine’s gotta be this Node package pokemon. I like to use it to generate text when I get tired of lorem ipsum. No, it’s not coherent, but it makes me chuckle during those prototyping long hauls.

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This reminds me one of my unfinished projects, a pokedex with NextJS and react-query trying to implement infinite loop, SSG and other stuff, the info is from the PokeAPI which I think is used a lot.

I remember playing the first Red/Blue Pokemon games in my GB and I just remember that my first webpage was a pokedex made in Microsoft Office FrontPage :D

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Nathan Pasko

I started with Yellow and my brother got Red. Incredible first webpage. 😆

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Cody Tilkins

I need this to leak into a release build.

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I am not a huge pokemon fan, because I did not watch much cartoons back then, but I did watch logan paul's pokemon box unboxing live stream. 😊