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How often you read (big) technical articles fully

srebalaji profile image Srebalaji Thirumalai ・1 min read

Hey Devs

How many of you read technical articles fully.

I used to read a lot of technical articles from different sites and I mostly skim through the articles.

Only very few (big) articles I used to read it fully.

And when it comes to listicles I mostly read it fully and bookmark it :P

And most listicles I see have much traction and engagement than other articles especially big and thorough articles.

What is your take on this? And how often you read big technical articles completely or you just skim through most of it


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I skim a lot, but if something really grabs my attention, I'll read it fully. Lately I've been trying to read a few big technical articles in full each month and make sure I really understand them. I find this easiest to do in print or e-ink because I think I'm just too used to the pattern of skimming and scrolling on a computer/phone/tablet/other glowing devices. This is probably why listicles get much better engagement!

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Khan Irfan

very rarely