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With Dynamic SQL Queries on TypeScript & NodeJS

In this article, I will show you how to write a more dynamic, fast and sustainable SQL queries with @ssibrahimbas/query package, which is the npm package I wrote with my own keyboard.

This package creates you SQL queries. But it doesn't run them. We usually use ready-made SQL clients (like sequelize, pg) to run SQL queries in NodeJS. I developed this package only as a query-builder by making use of the Single Responsibility pattern. It's the job of sequelize or pg to execute the query. Whichever you want!

Let's install the npm package

npm install @ssibrahimbas/query

for yarn yarn add @ssibrahimbas/query

Okey, now let's create an index.js file and code it

const { Query } = require("@ssibrahimbas/query");

  Query.table("users").select("id", "name").where("id", "=", 1).getAll()
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The process here is to create the query that returns the id and name field if id 1 from the users table.

When we run the code we will get the following result:
SELECT id FROM users WHERE id = '1'

Better install a driver and give it a try on the real database! It was developed entirely with TypeScript, full support for TypeScript & JavaScript and has +50 unit tests. And the documentation is pretty good too!

I would be grateful if you share your experiences as comments.

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barathrum54 profile image

Looks great, i'll be glad to test and use it on my next prots.
I'll put my feedback both here and repo, thanks for sharing.