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Sukhpinder Singh
Sukhpinder Singh

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Convert Swagger documentation to Postman Collection

This article demonstrates step by step process on how to convert swagger endpoint into a postman collection.

Step 1: Go to the swagger documentation endpoint and click on the link highlighted below.

Swagger Doc Indicating which link to be clicked

Step 2: Copy the URL

The user will be redirected to the below route where swagger documentation JSON will be visible. Just copy the URL address.

NOTE: URL may differ, as currently, I am running in localhost.

URL to be copied

Step 3: Open Postman > Import (Top-Left corner)

Then click Link tab & paste the copied URL from Step 2 & click “Continue.”

Postman Import using the link

Step 4: Use default settings & click Import, as shown below.

Import settings

A new collection will be created with all the methods shown in Step 1.

Imported collection from swagger

The published version of the Postman Collection

Thank you for reading. Keep visiting and share this in your network. Please put your thoughts and feedback in the comments section.

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