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Stackbit Studio - The first complete platform for the Jamstack

When we started building what would eventually become the Stackbit platform, the Jamstack was still the JAMStack and the coolest parts about it were the technology that enabled it. It wasn’t very fun to use, and it certainly wasn’t for everybody.

Today, after tons of hard work and feedback, we’re thrilled to announce the general availability of Stackbit Studio, the first complete platform for the Jamstack. Stackbit Studio fulfils the promise of the Jamstack by unlocking its potential for anyone.

  • Marketers can edit content inline and see live previews of their changes without bugging developers
  • Agency and Freelance Web Developers can easily hand off projects to clients without having to worry about being on the hook for small changes and security issues
  • Teams can collaborate and quickly share updates with stakeholders, designers, writers and dev

and most importantly,

  • Anyone who wants to build websites can start their journey with the cutting edge, secure, and fast technological wonder that the Jamstack has matured into

Stackbit Studio - The live editing experience at the heart of our complete Jamstack platform

Example of the inline editing experience in Stackbit Studio

You can pick a theme and deploy a test site to play with the Studio, or watch a quick video walkthrough on YouTube. Here’s a quick tour of what is available in the Stackbit Studio, today:

Connected Tools

Stackbit is the first complete platform for the Jamstack. We work with your tools, and make the ecosystem accessible to everyone. When editing a site in the Studio, your headless CMS updates automatically with all the changes you made to text, images, and other on-page elements. Stackbit Studio works with Next.js, Gatsby, Hugo or Jekyll for your static site generators, and Contentful, Sanity, and even plain ol’ git for your headless CMS, with more SSGs, headless CMS and other integrations coming soon.

Advanced Control

We want to enable everyone to build creative and powerful Jamstack sites. We’re releasing several advanced features that make Stackbit Studio the ultimate environment to build in, whether you’re just starting out or have an existing site ready to grow.

Live previews: Any changes you make will be instantly previewed right then and there.

Inline editing: Now everyone can update content with a click.

Example of inline editing, with heading selected in a live preview and a text area on the left to edit it

Markdown editor: Markdown text goes on the left, and previews on the right. Easy.

Example of long form content editing in Markdown, with preview on the right

Powerful Collaboration & Management

The Jamstack isn’t just for developers! Stackbit Studio enables stakeholders to collaborate freely on projects so they can edit with confidence while developers maintain peace of mind.

Share dropdown option to invite others to collaborate within Stackbit Studio

Integrated asset management: Upload and manage images quickly and easily.

Image selection within Stackbit Studio

Granular publishing controls: Publish at will, or schedule pages to ship right on time, anytime.

Stackbit Studio publishing controls, with the options to publish the entire site or the current page

Build logs: Catch errors quickly with integrated build logs.

Example build logs, showing events, within Stackbit Studio

Portable content allows you to store your CMS content in git version control without committing to a particular CMS API.

The web is re-platforming. We see as much as a 12% Jamstack adoption rate in VC-backed startups, and a staggering 20% of Indie Hackers sites. It is now time to make it all usable for real people, in the real world of the web.

And it’s just getting started – we really ain’t seen nothin’ yet. New Jamstack tech is mushrooming constantly, each with its own merit and charm. We’re proud to offer a truly open platform that helps these amazing tools play together nicely and make the web better.

Stackbit. Make the web, better.

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I work with a nonprofit that uses Wix--I'd give anything to get them to move off it. Any plans to build a Wix blog importer?