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Silvestar Bistrović
Silvestar Bistrović

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My favorite VS Code extensions in 2023

I have been using VS Code for so long that I cannot remember when I switched. One of the reasons VS Code is so successful is its extensions. There are so many great ones, and I use quite a few. So, if I had to pick my favorites, it would be the following.


I use :emojisense: occasionally when I need to insert emojis in my code. It doesn't happen that often, but it saves me time because I have it in my editor.

Auto Rename Tag

Sometimes I forget that I have Auto Rename Tag installed. It just does its job so smoothly.


Although Beautify is deprecated, I'm not giving up on it because it still works great. I frequently use it to beautify my HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, and JSON code.

Change Case

Change Case is an extension that I use so often. For example, when I want to create a new blog post, I use "Change Case kebab" to generate the file name for me. I especially like to use this command with multi-selection when I need to change cases in bulk.

Date & Time

Date & time have been part of my status bar very long. I feel like it should be part of the standard VS Code package.

Front Matter CMS

Front Matter CMS prevents me from forgetting about SEO. Although this extension has many other options, I use it to highlight errors like the title and meta description length of my articles and pages.

Gremlins tracker for Visual Studio Code

I stumbled upon Gremlins tracker for Visual Studio Code extension a while ago. It is a helpful extension that reveals those unwanted and harmful characters that slip in your code when pasting or accidentally hitting unwanted key combinations like option + space.

Import Cost

Import Cost is a known extension that shows how much the npm package weighs.

Insert Unicode

I like unicode characters, and I sometimes use them in my articles. Insert Unicode extension has thousands of characters, but my favorite ones are the times (⨉), the right arrow (→), and the note (♪) characters. This extension also searches emojis, but it has different names than the :emojisense: which I got used to.

Remove empty lines

I like my code clean and organized, and Remove empty lines extension helps me clean unnecessary blank lines in documents, like in HTML code.


Last year I wrote about my favorite VC Code settings, so check that, too. And check my setup page if you want to know what other software and hardware I use.

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