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UI Dev Newsletter #85


Chrome Developers share a module where you will learn how to style text on the web.

My Custom CSS Reset
Josh Comeau shares his custom CSS reset and explains every rule in detail with examples.

How I made Google’s data grid scroll 10x faster with one line of CSS
Johan Isaksson describes how he improved Google Search Console page scrolling by making it 10x faster with a single line of CSS.

Modern CSS in a Nutshell
Scott Vandehey shares a high-level overview of the current state of CSS.

Using Position Sticky With CSS Grid
Ahmad Shadeed explains why position: sticky isn’t working as expected with a child of a grid container.

Make your website stand out with a custom scrollbar
Estee Tey describes how to re-create the CSS Tricks scrollbar.

Cross-fading any two DOM elements is currently impossible
Jake Archibald shows why the cross-fading is not working when neither element is fully opaque.

Squoosh is the image optimizer that allows you to compress and compare images with different codecs in your browser.

Happy coding!

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