A funny rap song about the pains of pair programming

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Song url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psw9G9Lp7ac

Quick background on the project: I'm a full time programmer and I love making rap music. I see a lot of humor in the profession/industry, and thought it would be fun to combine the two.

Here is what I'm planning on for next steps. I'm always open to feedback!

  1. Get something for Patrons (ordered stickers, will probably order mugs as well)

  2. Paid ad on a popular Twitter account

  3. Rent a GoPro and shoot a music video for one of the existing songs (if you have any tips on recording, please let me know - I have done some music video editing but don't know much about video cameras)


Nice mix, combining programming and music :).

As to the topic, it seems like you've never been exposed to practical pair programming, i.e. it's not about two people sitting behind the same screen, it's about two people tackling a harder than usual problem.


The truth is that I actually really enjoy pair programming when it's based around a concrete problem. My extreme anti-pairing tone in the song is mostly for comedic effect.

I probably chose a poor title here, it should be "a funny rap song about the pains of pair programming" (changing it now).


Yeah pair programming to do straightforward stuff, that approach goes pear-shaped really quickly.

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