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Foundations for Web Development

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I know that web development can be overwhelming. We just didn't make it easier for you to pick up. I would suggest that you focus on just eating the elephant one bite at a time. Besides, that learn to chew your food before taking another bite. In simple terms, just master one piece of technology and expand it through multiple sources of inspiration.

I promise that this won't be another React vs Vue vs Angular on what to choose. Instead, I would explain to you what are the areas I feel you should build a foundation with. While picking your own technologies or specialisation along the way.

HTML, CSS, Javascript & Git

Regardless of what technology you had to learn to pick up for your web development specialisation. I would first ask you to have a good foundation for the trifecta. Namely HTMl, CSS and Javascript. As these are the core skills that allow you to build upon it to pick up web development technologies. My favourite goto resources for it is either w3Schools or Mozilla Development Network.

Next up is the basics of Git commands to store, share & contribute your code as a developer. Despite there are tons of GUI viewers in your IDE or code editors. It's actually much simpler and easier to do it in the command line when your GUI goes crazy.

Understanding & Applying Design Concept

You don't really need to be a designer to create websites. But you do need to know the basics of design to create good looking & effective websites. So that you know on how to customise it to suit the needs for your own work.

Which you can get your designs from your friendly neighbourhood UI/UX designer or purchasing a template for yourself like Creative Tim. This can save yourself alot of the pain & effort to do it yourself.

Unless you are a masochist like me, you can look at either learning Xd or Figma as a goto choice to create website designs for your website. This could help you get to contribute to design decisions with your designer for your website as well on what works or makes sense when you are implementing it.

Picking Your Web Framework

Now let's start with looking at your local job listing in your country. To get a gist of what type of technology and payscale. You should use to get a job in it. Do note that job requirements is just a wishlist, you can apply for a job at 70 - 80% of the job requirement. If you have the correct skillsets, education and experience.

Now, it is time for my 2 cents in it. I would recommend you to learn a backend web framework first. Namely Django, Laravel, Ruby On Rails. Which allows you to create a functioning website with ease.

Once that you had mastered the backend web framework. You can spice it up with say Tailwind CSS or Bootstrap to make it beautiful.

Moving on, if you would like to earn more or become a versatile web developer. You could pick a front-end web framework like React, Vue or Angular or some other flavour of the month. Which introduces additional skills or knowledge for you to integrate it with your backend knowledge.


We talked about the need to learn the trifecta of HTML, CSS & Javascript along with Git. Then we moved into the need to understand design so to allow you to edit existing templates and lastly my recommendation of you to master a backend web framework. Before learning front-end frameworks to build upon your foundations to help you to become a better backend or full-stack developer.

Being a beginner can be daunting, I just want to let you know that I'm rooting for you. Since you had made a choice to learn to become a web developer.

I'm providing you with my understanding of how you should do it. Which is not just a mind map on various technologies to learn. I wish that you will stick to the basics & these fundamentals like Avatar the Last Airbender. Who had mastered the 4 elements to save the world with his team.

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