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Stefan Majiros
Stefan Majiros

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Mobile MVP Agency Looking For Clients in New York, Boston, Barcelona!

👋 Hi there!

I am Stefan Majiros,

a mobile dev agency owner @, professional senior mobile developer (React Native) with over 4 years of international experience in multiple teams and projects.

What I do

🎩 I wear many hats as I am bored easily, but mobile development & serverless represent a challenge for me. I have built several mobile applications from scratch, working in teams or solo.

Who I am looking for

💁🏻 I am always open to helping clients (startups and enterprises) get their idea to market faster through the rapid development of MVP - a minimal viable product for iOS and Android using React Native and serverless cloud computing (AWS Amplify, Firebase, and serverless framework).

I am looking for partnerships with agency owners, CEOs, CTOs, team-leads, and end clients located in Europe, the UK, and the US. I prefer to work with clients who are located in New York, Boston, or Barcelona.

How I can help you

We can work together to solve your complex problems on time, on budget, and fully guaranteed.

If you want to:

  • develop a custom complex mobile app for Android / iOS with React Native and AWS
  • develop a mobile MVP and do not know where to start
  • consult mobile development decision
  • rescue your mobile development project
  • mentoring (React Native and AWS)

feel free to reach out **to me at ** (it's my business website, where you could see a portfolio, more details about me and my company, offered services, and see how to contact me.

Or take a look at:

Thanks for reading!


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