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My Own Beginners Guide To A Career In Tech

Let’s start off with, “Hi! I am Estefania Flores” and “you’re probably pronouncing it wrong” (Este-fa-nee-ah). I grew up in the Central Valley, “Where is that?” you might ask. It’s the part of the California that no one talks about, The Gateway to the Sequoias. Sounds exciting right? Lots of cows and the least amount of tech in California. So, who am I? I am a person who loves making connections, helping people understand difficult topics and tech. Recently, I had an epiphany about what I wanted to be when I grow up, a Developer Advocate.

I went to a meetup while living in Silicon Valley, I watched the woman give a lesson whilst still keeping it upbeat and funny. She got everyone involved and made everyone feel comfortable enough to share thoughts and random stories. When I got home that night I looked up what her actual title was, Developer Advocate. The more I researched, the more I was falling in love with the position.

2019 has started my adventure in getting the job I really feel like is for me. Have you ever felt something just click after a long time of walking around aimlessly thinking, “Yeah I’m good at that and I like it so I should probably do it?” that was me, until now. This is pretty much another blog about the process it will take me to get the job I feel like I was made for. So stay tuned, learn more about a stranger from the part of California that you probably didn’t know existed.

I am going to give you the struggles and not sugarcoat things. Life is rough, people struggle but, if it were easy, it would be boring so the struggles make it worth it. At least give you fun stories to tell friends, like the one time I rode my bike to school in high school and ended up losing control of my bike and slamming into a bush, dust flew everywhere and I was embarrassed but now I laugh.

It’ll be fun, I promise, you’ll get some ridiculous laughs and maybe, hopefully, I’ll get a job.

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