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What is the best Stack for Backend ?

stevebaros profile image Steve Baros ・1 min read

Friends,My team got a project to deliver to a client,We are looking at a micro service architecture, Therefore the Frontend is pretty much straight forward since the team is most competent in Vue over React.

However, the puzzle lies in the backend!
What parameters should we apply to chose the best Backend stack .

Currently the team is competent enough with python,go and ruby.

FYI - The system architecture has predominantly relational data so sql is pretty much a no brainer.

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Jared White

I would say Rails API-only apps in Docker containers would be a great way to go, but you'll need to be careful how to handle the database queries because if you host your containers over here and your DB over there, traffic across data centers will impact performance. That's usually why people go with Heroku, but that's pricy and can be limiting on low-level customizations you might want to do. (But it's also pretty much set-and-forget, so…YMMV).

sushantjha8 profile image

If you are using django / flask as backend you can use mongodb /firebase and if you are looking for microservice you can use
Docker and kubernetes as microservice.