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Steven Lei
Steven Lei

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A JavaScript Utility for Measuring Spacing

Hello, I am Steven. I just wrote a JavaScript utility named SpacingJS.

As a frontend web developer, it is important to grasp the spacing between elements on a webpage. The DevTool can check the dimension, padding, margin, styles and more of an element, but it seems like it cannot measure the distance between elements like Sketch/Figma. So I have written this utility:


You can experience on the website:

Besides including the script with a <script> tag to your website, a Chrome Extension is available on the Chrome Web Store.

The project is open-source and available here: Would you please star it if you like it?:)

Thank you!

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Puka Tchou

Nice work, it would be super useful as a browser extension too!

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Steven Lei

Thank you very much!

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Rohan Salunke

Awesome job Steven. Thanks for making this an extension! Its been very helpful!