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5 tools for Designing, Developing, and Testing Accessibility

No matter what you are working on, considering accessibility is definitely a best practice. Below is a list of five tools to help get you started with accessibility in your projects.


  • This tool provides a wide array of color and contrast checking abilities along with simulators to test you design again visual disabilities.
  • Stark has plugins to go in various design tools, but also in chrome.

Stark as a Google Chrome extension

Deque's Dev tools AXE extension

  • There are extensions/add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.
  • Additionally, Lighthouse accessibility checks are powered by AXE Core as well.

Axe dev tools check results

lighthouse results


  • WAVE is powered by WebAim and functions similarly to Deque's AXE extensions.
  • An interesting element of WAVE's functionality is that it give an accessibility markup over the entire site. wave accessibility markup

ANDI - Accessibility Testing Tool

  • ANDI (Accessible Name & Description Inspector) is a free accessibility testing tool.
    • ANDI allows you to inspect your page on the basis of accessible names which come in handy especially if you're working with interactive elements.

focusable elements


VS Code AXE Accessibility Linter

  • Checks React (.js, .jsx, .ts, .tsx), Vue (.vue), HTML (.html, .htm), and Markdown (.md, .markdown) files so you can avoid common accessibility defects. Angular (HTML) is not currently supported.

targeting code that is not accessible

ESlint Accessibility Plugins

  • There several different plugin depending on what framework/ tech stack you're working with.

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