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Hacktoberfest - The Second PR

Release 0.2 Hacktoberfest week 2...
I probably looked at at least 20 repositories trying to figure out which one to contribute too. Finally narrowed it down to 3 and then made sure one of them was acceptable for my second PR.

The issue was simple. I needed to look at a list of companies and find one labeled with a yellow triangle. These companies have very little or no information in them. I requested to participate and it was a go! I made my Fork and then created the Branch. I discovered that this company "Black Pixel" was now Hypergiant. Took some time to figure out what information was best for the template provided by the original owners of remoteintech. Once I filled in all the necessary information I saved and pushed to my git repository. The I made the pull request. I had to fix the information in the README and my PR was accepted by an automated system that checked my changes. Of course it wasn't over. I went to sleep that evening all happy that I completed my assignments. I woke up at 2 am realizing that I should have let the author know that Black Pixel have a new name and I should completely make new file and delete the old one. Of course the busy mom that I am had to deal with my daughter's birthday. It did not surprise me that during the small gathering with my children, I received a message from the author to make the change. So after I made the changes, my final commit - 083c30 was complete. My contribution was merged on October 19, 2020.

I am definitely starting to feel more comfortable with contributions. It is kind of neat to see all the different ways people put projects together!

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