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A swiss army knife tool to store personal records 🛡️

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My open-source project finally reached an important milestone. 100 stars on Github. My project is a kind of swiss army knife tool to store personal records. Due to the lack of time, I was actually not promoting it. So the growth is organic. For me, it means that it has real value for the developers and for startup founders.

Databunker is a GDPR compliant user store service for Web and mobile apps. Databunker is a combination of several software concepts build together to provide PII storage and privacy by design out of the box:

  • A Personal Identifiable Information (PII) storage and vault
  • Secure session storage for web applications
  • Privacy portal for customers
  • Application backend server
  • DPO management tool
  • Tokenization service
  • Secret sauce

Project website:
Node.JS example with passport.js:

Do you have any questions?

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