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Learning Resources for Developers

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You would like to continue your journey as a developer by intentionally taking some time to learn something new? Or maybe deepen your existing knowledge in a specific subject but are not sure where to find appropriate resources? Trust me, I’ve been there. In the past, I sometimes got so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options that I simply spent most of my time browsing around, hopping from one great course to the next until there was no more time to study. But fear no more - I put together a list of reliable options for you to dig in. If you are missing something, please feel free to add it in a comment, I’d love to check it out!

Tiny Teachers
This morning I read in Stefan Judis' newsletter (literally my favourite web development newsletter out there, hands down) that he put together the platform ‘Tiny Teachers’ - where you can browse resources by category (currently things like CSS, Vim & Typescript are on there to name a few) and add your own. Will be great to see how this one develops once more people contribute!

Frontend Masters
A classic - I was lucky enough to get free access for a year through my education program, maybe your school or employer offers the same? Here you can find a wide range of topics from Developer Productivity to specific frameworks, Grid & Flexbox or an Intro to Computer Science - all at a high quality and with the benefit of the name - Frontend Masters is popular enough to ring a bell when you put it on your CV.

Code Journeys is a friendly, inclusive developer community - welcoming everyone regardless of level, experience or interest in a specific language or framework. The community meets on Slack or calls for coding challenges and workshops - a great way to get in touch with like minded people, ask questions and learn beyond the scope of one's own horizon. And founder Raffaele makes sure everyone gets the support they need.

Another classic I stumbled upon during my bootcamp - an epic number of courses on what seems to me like all the topics one could ever want to learn, some free (like the beginners guide to react) some part of their pro membership (like docker fundamentals). Besides that, a great library of articles and podcast episodes - in case you want to switch learning methods around a little bit.

Just JavaScript
I signed up for Just JavaScript on recommendation of my mentor, back when it was still in beta testing and free. Yet I would pay every cent of the 42$ it costs now, cause it simply wowed me. The 10 episode program is created by Dan Abramov himself in cooperation with illustrator Maggie Appleton and teaches you mental models behind JavaScript - giving participants a deeper understanding of the concepts they might be working with already. To quote their website “a way of thinking about JS that will completely shift your understanding of the language.”

These are some of my favourite resources to learn more about web development. When browsing around, I found this great article that put together exclusively free resources - which is absolutely amazing and a lot more accessible of course than some of the paid programs. Which one is your favourite resource for learning something new in web development? And why? I’d love to learn about it, please leave a comment below to let me know :)

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Maksim Bondar

Interesting collection of resources.
I am just starting to learn programming, first thing I want to drown in Javascript inofrmation, so I was very happy to learn about Just JavaScript. I want to learn the backend development software to work in the world's major projects)
I found out recently that there are companies which search developers all over the world, put them in development team and give them tasks from different companies... They call themselves outsourcing companies.
I got interested in it, I started googling and I found out a lot of practical information about web developers outsourcing from Mobilunity
I advise to get acquainted with the company if some of you are also interested in this topic

josefine profile image
Josefine Schfr

Thanks for sharing and good luck on your learning journey :)

owlcowl profile image
Owlcowl (he/him) • Edited

Great list of resources thanks for that! To be ho nest I'm quite hyped about the tiny helpers because I had a similar idea and looking forward to integrate them in my learning and teaching.
Just JavaScript is new to me but sounds like an awesome resource.
Here a few of the resources I use too:
MDN learning page, they say it is for beginners but I also like to use it to refresh my knowledge.
This Web developer Roadmap is a nice resource to discover topics that one could dive into.
On top of that I'm currently writing my own cheat sheet generator because I'm a fan of cheat sheets, it is open source but not done yet, can share the project on request.
And inside of my work I'm building a knowledge database based on markdown files for web basics for teaching, this just started though.

josefine profile image
Josefine Schfr

Thanks for sharing, those are some great tips! I love tiny helpers, too & the Web developer Roadmap looks quite helpful :)
If you are ready to share, I am looking forward to reading about your cheat sheet generator - sounds like a great project!

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