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10 Top Video Calling APIs: Benefits & Features | 2023

Want to integrate the secure & fastest Video calling API to your application & website? Here is the top Video calling APIs that will drive the business traffic!

To improve productivity and connectivity, A video calling feature can be integrated into any Web browser and mobile application with RTC via APIs . In this modernized world, Technology enhanced communication has already taken Place and will surely Upgrade in the Future. The use of mobile gadgets has surged at a rapid pace. The world is growing to step into the digital world where everything is accessible with just a few easy clicks through Video calling API. Behind the triumph of any company, there is a huge increase in digitalization. Now all of us prefer virtual communication not willingly but rather than giving a physical appearance. After the Covid Booster shot , Virtual seems better.

There are many prestigious organizations working on the aspect of virtual communication. The internet is flooded with so many video calling applications. These kits are developed by the software development kits that help us to communicate with the clients, corporates, and families. Because of these tools, Virtual meets becomes easy and efficient without any lags.

What is a video calling API?

At its core, a Video Calling API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of protocols, tools, and definitions that allow different software applications to communicate and interact with each other. Specifically, a Video Calling API enables developers to integrate video calling functionality into their applications, websites, or services seamlessly.

The APIs can be embedded into an existing web and mobile project, or used to create an application from scratch.

Here in the article, we have mentioned some effective approaches towards the Top 10 video calling API.

Why is the popularity of video calling API increasing?

The entire world has started adopting virtual activities for distant communication. If you notice, you can clearly find how students choose virtual or digital classrooms and how the healthcare industry is choosing virtual patient care assistance.

Overall, the whole market is looking to turn their business into digital hype. The video calling API has been experiencing a huge hike in Capitalism. Choosing the right method of communication depends on features of SDK. Here in the below section, we bring some of the best tools that help to leverage your business smartly with digital communication.

Integration Process

Choose a Platform: Before integrating the API, decide on the platform you want to use. Popular options include WebRTC, Zoom, and Twilio.

API Documentation: Familiarize yourself with the API's documentation provided by your chosen platform. This documentation will be your guide throughout the integration process.

API Key: Obtain the API key from your platform provider. This key is essential for authentication.

Coding: Begin coding the integration. Ensure that you follow the guidelines provided in the documentation to avoid compatibility issues.

Testing: Test the integration thoroughly to iron out any bugs or glitches.

Deployment: Once testing is successful, deploy the application with integrated video calling.

Best Practices
Always prioritize security to protect user data during video calls.
Optimize the user interface for a seamless experience.
Provide adequate customer support for any technical issues.

Tried Top 10 video calling API for web and mobile app

1.Video SDK - Video Calling API

The Video SDK is the driving option that makes video conferencing efficient in every possible way to explore the world of digital communication. This tool allows you to explore how the video SDK creates an impact on engagement. This tool allows the video calls to be integrated within 10 minutes along with the VideoSDK pre-built feature like whiteboards, Q&A, and polls. This video conferencing API tool supports unlimited private channels by integrating with advanced video streaming possibilities.

Video SDK offers a robust API that allows you to seamlessly embed video and chat functionality into your applications. With this powerful tool, you can enhance video engagement by setting up reliable video conferencing capabilities in just a matter of minutes. This SDK is versatile, with support for various platforms including JavaScript, React JS, React Native for Android, Flutter, and iOS. It opens up exciting opportunities for integrating real-time communication features into your applications.

Features of Video SDK APIs:

  • Easy to integrate prebuilt live streaming SDK with 5000 participant support.
  • Real-time communication SDK with 10,000 minutes free every month.
  • It just requires 10 minutes to integrate explicit code.
  • A cost-effective tool with long term solution.
  • Unlimited channels with enhanced video quality.
  • UI support & auto-scalable parallel rooms. - Video Calling API

This tool works to build a new future with the help of a real-time communication channel. The company is based on real-time communication that develops SDKs and APIs. This tool works on the engagement for the users by delivering the video call service with real-time voice and messaging, live streaming products. The company is working towards building real-time connections in the virtual world.

With Agora video conferencing API, anyone can engage by embedding the vivid voice and video application. It provides the SDKs along with the building blocks to enable the possibility of adopting the real-time engagement possibilities. The tool offers video call, voice call, interactive live streaming, recording.agora's APIs, developers must spend months building business logic primitives. Low-level publish-subscribe consumes the majority of developer bandwidth.i think Video SDK is best agora alternative.

Features of APIs:

  • The tool offers an intelligent network that will help to connect automatically in real-time analysis.
  • Select the efficient routing path with 200+ data centers.
  • Enterprise support Platforms.
  • Minimal Battery Consumption.
  • It can withstand even the sudden spike in traffic.
  • Extensive API selection with customizable UI extension.

3.ZujoNow - Video Calling API

This company is developing its products on cutting-edge technologies. The company delivers the products to its clients based on the video conferencing tool with effective scalability. It delivers customizable SDKs to clients. The video conferencing API company is popularly dealing with the products like on-demand videos, live streaming, and real-time communication.
This is a well-crafted platform that is helping educators and other related industries. The company delivers an end-to-end solution that enables easy integration with real-time communication, on-demand video, and a content delivery network.

Features of ZujoNow APIs:

  • Provide inbuilt support to the healthcare, edtech, and dating business.
  • Deliver interacting experience with chatting, voice & video calling.
  • Get zero lags while connecting.
  • Low latency support with real-time video streaming encoding. - Video Calling API

This is the real-time video and audio SDK developer platform that focuses on the clients. Best scalable video conferencing API. The platform is developing the global infrastructure solution to deliver the people throughout the world. With, anyone can add live audio and video experience to the products along with the prebuilt user interface & creating custom layouts. This tool helps to build calls for any device with the quality video feature of 1080p HD video and screen sharing. also supports the flexible recording options with transcriptions.

Features of APIs:

  • It leaves the video call UI entirely up to you.
  • Automatic bandwidth and switching between group sessions.
  • Easy to use options with pre-built API.
  • Automatic tuning of video Quality.
  • Global infrastructure with HD RTMP streaming. - Video Calling API

This video solution tool helps build the HD-enabled videos application on different platforms. The tool supports Web applications, iOS and android platforms. This tool supports amazing APIs and SDKs that deliver one-to-one video chats along with the option of group video calls. Here one can get an extensive video chat experience for the users. Get the live interactive broadcast feature to broadcast varieties of content through the devices directly on the social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and other channels. The tool works on developing communication APIs that focus on providing real-time solutions.

Features of APIs:

  • Get advanced features like Breakout channels (rooms), Background blurring features.
  • One-time payment with upfront solution.
  • Customizable functionality with endless features.
  • Get end to end encryption.
  • Get customizable UI with tangible layouts.
  • Up to 100 for video meetings and 1000 for webinar mode.

6.Mirrorfly - Video Calling API

MirrorFly is another audio and video calling API and SDK provider that offers a solution to both large and small-scale organizations. This is the versatile messaging solution working as the market's prime product. The tool is highly customizable as compared to any other. It goes perfectly with iOS, Android, and Web Applications. With this, anyone can get the absolute chat-app solution that provides a design-enriched UI/UX. Here you can get the intuitive build with a plethora of other features. This is embedded with WebRTC that enables HD quality video interaction along with the VoIP feature that gives a dynamic voice experience.

Features of Mirrorfly APIs:

  • Real time language translation.
  • Get a 100% customizable solution.
  • Private 1 to 1 chat with offline messages.
  • Interactive Live Broadcasting with SIP calling feature.
  • Push to Talk feature with VoIP calling facility.
  • A versatile messaging solution with endless feature.

7.Twilio - Video Calling API

The platforms develop video application tools that are fully customized and scalable. This is completely flexible for usage. This tool constructs the applications and the connectivity that builds up capitalism . It allows chats, video, and programmable chats based on real-time communication with scalability and video calling API. This is a perfect fit for enterprises from small to wide. This helps the organization to engage its users in every step of the journey. This is a flexible API for any channel which has built-in intelligence with global infrastructure support. This single platform comes with flexible APIs for any channel, global infrastructure, built-in intelligence, and many more.

Features of Twilio APIs:

  • It gives free trial credits for video groups and video P2P .
  • Cloud recording facility with workflow integration.
  • 24 hours support through the mail and chat.
  • Get endless features with an intuitive interface.

8.Cometchat - Video Calling API

This platform is designed for providing the APIs and SDKs for the unlimited solution to a variety of industries. The platform supports a solution to various healthcare organizations, dating, the healthcare community, and social media integration. It also delivers the features like on-demand videos and live streaming and the complete authority to the users for customizing their Whitelabel. Cometchat, the video conferencing API, supports varieties of languages and solutions like voice and video calling, scalable in-app messaging, and cross-platform compatibility. This tool supports medium to large-scale organizations. The best part of the platform is It has WebRTC-enabled HD video and voice calling capabilities. They also offer the free-of-cost service that holds limited options to small-scale organizations.

Features of Cometchat APIs:

  • One-on-one text chat along with group chat facility.
  • Voice calling & video calling, conferencing tools.
  • Type and Read indicators with online Presence Indicators.
  • Drag & drop chat widgets.
  • Build a completely custom UPI & workflow.
  • Autoscaling & white label feature with message translation.

9.PubNub - Video Calling API

This is considered one of the best in-app chats that deliver the features of real-time chat engagement. The tool offers extensive functionality, full control, and customization without the time and expense of building in-house. With this, anyone can get complete outsourcing to the clients. It delivers the features and functionalities like custom chat, in-class integrations, functionality, and Chat UI support. This is specially built for conferences, virtual conversations, meetings, and enterprise entities. Get a one-stop platform & receive top-quality integration features.

Features of PubNub APIs:

  • Get transfer the metadata pre-call facility.
  • Receive extensive plugins in one platform.
  • WebRTC signaling along with an end to end encryption.
  • Get push notifications with complete messaging broadcasting solutions.
  • Integrate, migrate & launch quickly.
  • Open-source UI kit.

10.Sinch - Video Calling API

Sinch is another API that manages different APIs through messaging and calling facilities. Through this, anyone can receive the services like video calling, SMS verification, voice calls, and other engagement platforms. Varieties of industries receive an extensive solution from this, which includes health, telecommunications, retail, media and entertainment, and more. Through this, a lot of operators get opportunities for monetizing the wholesale and getting rid of the frauds and other activities. This video conferencing API offers an instant messaging SDK and API to the iOS, Android, and Web Applications. It gives complete freedom to the users for customization and supports SIP, VoIP, and PSTN.

Features of Sinch APIs :

  • It offers high Quality video.
  • Get Personalized Messaging with Voice Calling service.
  • Live Broadcasting.
  • Personalized communication with advanced setup.
  • 600+ operators connections globally.
  • Amazing easy & intuitive interface with the endless possibilities.

Best 10 Video Calling API Price and Comparison

No Company Name Pricing Free minutes every month
1 Video SDK $1.99 / 1000 minutes 10,000 minutes
2 Agora $3.99 / 1000 minutes 10,000 minutes
3 ZujoNow $3 / 1000 minutes No minutes
4 $4 / 1000 minutes 2,000 Minutes
5 Enablex $4 / 1000 minutes No minutes
6 MirrorFly $ 999 / Monthly No minutes
7 Twilio $4 / 1000 minutes No minutes
8 PubNub $49 /month plus MAUs No minutes
9 Cometchat $149 /+ $3/ 1000 minutes No minutes
10 Sinch not available No minutes

here's a simplified explanation of how to calculate the price of a video call API:

Determine Your Needs: Understand what features you need for your video calling service, like the number of users and call duration.

Choose a Provider:Pick a video call API provider that matches your requirements.

Know Their Pricing Model:Learn how the provider charges: per user, per minute, or through tiers.

Estimate Your Usage:Estimate how much you'll use the API based on your users and their average call duration.

Check Plans:See if the provider offers different plans. Choose one that fits your estimated usage.

Calculate Costs:Use the plan's rates to calculate your monthly or yearly costs based on your estimates.

Consider Extras:Be aware of any additional costs like overage charges or special features.

Ensure Security:Confirm that the provider meets your security needs, which might have an associated cost.

Optimize Costs:Keep an eye on usage and adjust your plan as needed to save money.

Check Geographic Pricing:If your users are worldwide, consider any geographic pricing variations.

Think Long-Term:Consider annual plans for potential cost savings.

Review Contracts:Carefully read the provider's terms and contract to understand all fees and policies.


How secure is Video Calling API?
Video Calling API providers implement robust security measures to protect user data and ensure secure communication.

Can I integrate Video Calling API into my mobile app?
Absolutely! Video Calling API is compatible with both web and mobile applications.

Is Video Calling API cost-effective for small businesses?
Yes, many providers offer flexible pricing plans, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

What internet speed is required for smooth video calls?
A stable internet connection with at least 1 Mbps upload and download speed is recommended for quality video calls.

Can I customize the user interface of the video calling feature?
Yes, most providers allow for extensive customization to match your application's design.

Is technical support available in case of issues?
Yes, reputable Video Calling API providers offer customer support to assist with technical problems.

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I think this is an informative post and Great points you made there in your article. with a video calling API, programmers can build custom live video and audio chat experiences on any mobile device or web app. Usually, all video call APIs and SDKs come following WebRTC technology for quality data streaming.

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Hey there! Just wanted to recommend 100ms. We make it super easy to add live video functionality to your apps. Whether you're looking to implement real-time video calls or interactive livestreams, our API has got you covered. If you're looking to build a dream video experience, we highly recommend checking it out!

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Appreciate the share! The ability to integrate Video calling SDKs swiftly is a boon for developers seeking to enrich live call functionalities. Features like end-to-end encryption elevate the security of live video call, audio, and video interactions. An exciting development for app developers indeed.

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