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Learn Python-Django , Node-Express , React or Vue

Hi my dev community,

I am a web developer for more than 3.5 years and before that I was a mechanical engineer. Though I was interested in software development from very early age , due to some personal and financial circumstances, i was not able to pursue the software Development field.

But after doing approx 3 years of mechanical job , I finally decided to move to software development field.

I learn everything from online resources (Youtube ,, github, documentation of different libraries and frameworks, medium posts , also specially posts )

But when learning online , the main disadvantages were , not having any path or guidance in the learning process. There is too much info , languages ,frameworks, libraries ,and above all , the way to implement things also vary a lot.

So i decided to make a group for young professionals, who are currently entering into the market . And those want some guidance in learning different things or even guidance.

I have to say that , I am not an expert in the field . What my intention is , to help others who needed help in different phases of developer life.

I will create the group with these points in mind:

  1. Everybody is welcome here , even if you have no coding experience. I will try to help you best of my abilities.

  2. I will try to do weekly 2 online classes for those who have very little experience or no experience in software development.

  3. Totally free for ever. no money involvement for ever.

  4. Regular guidance for those , who really need to learn from the scratch . And occasional online group meeting , meet-ups for others.

  5. I will help others on technologies like : python ,Django , javascript, Node.js , React.js, Vue.js , mysql, pgsql , mongo , docker , redis etc

you can fillip this google form :
To contact me , sent an email to :

Upon seeing group members number , will decide to make whatsapp , slack or other group in future

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Subh • Edited

I got 3 enthusiasts who filled up the form .

Still now Vue.js is the most opted tech stack .

React , docker , SQL all 3 are in second spot


I will wait for some days , then will create the group.

Those who are interested, please fill up the form . Thanks all.