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Sudarsan P S
Sudarsan P S

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AWS S3 Functionalities

Hi Guys,

I have always wondered how to store files to AWS S3 on the fly and how to manipulate them.Even though I found references to the same, It failed to provide me a satisfying answer. The quest for the simple solution leads me to my version.

Repo :

Feel free to check out and let me know your feedback.

Thank you

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Sean Killeen

Hey! I've noticed that in this post you use "guys" as a reference to the entire community, which is not made up of only guys but a variety of community members.

I'm running an experiment and hope you'll participate. Would you consider changing "guys" to a more inclusive term? If you're open to that, please let me know when you've changed it and I'll delete this comment.

For more information and some alternate suggestions, see

Thanks for considering!