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Suhail Kakar
Suhail Kakar

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Top Chrome Extensions That You Wish You Knew It Earlier

Chrome is a fantastic browser — it's quick, well-designed, and jam-packed with useful features – but that's only the beginning. Chrome's true strength lies in its vast library of add-ons, which provide it with a never-ending supply of new features and capabilities.

In this article, I am going to introduce you top extensions that you might not know about them.

10. Fake Filler

Fake Filler is a form filler that fills all inputs on a page with scam/dummy data.


9. ColorPick Eyedropper

A zoomed eyedropper & color chooser tool that allows you to select color values from web pages and more.

8. Site Palette

A must-have tool for designers and front-end developers to grab colors for any website.


7. WhatFont

The easiest way to identify fonts on web pages.

6. Responsive Viewer

Show multiple screens once, Responsive design tester

5. PerfectPixel

Adds a semi-transparent image overlay over the top of the developed HTML to easily perform pixel-perfect comparisons between them, useful for replicating UI designs.

4. Imageye

Find and download all images on a web page. With Imageye you can find, browse and download all the images present on a web page.

3. Stylebot

Change the appearance of the web instantly.

2. Page Ruler Redux

A Web Developer\Designer ruler to get perfect pixel dimensions and positioning to measure elements on any web page.

1. Web Developer

Adds a toolbar button with various web developer tools.

Conclusion ⌛

I hope you found this short list helpful. If you need any help please let me know in the comment section.

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Top comments (17)

suhailkhn profile image

I would like to add 'Save Chrome Tabs for Later'

ridvanaltun profile image
Ridvan Altun
bhkdeveloper profile image

I will like to try the wed-developer add on for a start. I like Chrome and I use it always.

gsdev profile image

You're going to need an extension manager to help you manage all of those extensions:

suhailkakar profile image
Suhail Kakar

Wow, Really love this extension manager, Thanks for sharing ;)

gsdev profile image

its a great productivity hack too, u can make different profiles for things you do in the browser. For example I have one profile for debugging CSS, and another completely diff one for extensions I use with github.

I dont need either of those available at all times so it's like to be able to toggle those profiles on and off.

matejkonrad profile image
Matej Konrad

Great post!

I was wondering if anyone has suggestions to good full page screenshot tools? My friends recommended me one, but it's off the shelves on the extensions store.

suhailkakar profile image
Suhail Kakar • Edited

Thanks Mantej : )

Yes, I am using a full page screenshot tool which is called GoFullPage. In my point of view, It is one of the best one out there. Give it a try

Link :

karenmera profile image
Karen Mera

Page Ruler Redux is the best tool, has gotten me out of trouble many times! 🙌🏻

suhailkakar profile image
Suhail Kakar

Wow, Glad to hear that :)

moinulmoin profile image
Moinul Moin

amazing post man!

You can also enlist 'Grepper' extension which help us by providing instantly code snippet which we are looking for on browser

suhailkakar profile image
Suhail Kakar

Thanks Moniul

Yes, Grepper is a best tool too, Will surly add it to my next list :)

matrix278 profile image
Martin Sidorov

Nice ones, but would be cool if you did a link to them.

suhailkakar profile image
Suhail Kakar

Thanks, Will add next time ;)

codespectremike profile image
Mike From CodeSpectre

Awesome list Suhail!

suhailkakar profile image
Suhail Kakar

Thanks Mike :)

arkadeepnag profile image
Arkadeep Nag

Go and check this out devs