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I've only used Flutter thus far, but would like to look at React Native at some point because I've been really enjoying React lately. (Trying Flutter is actually what made React really "click" for me)

While I do think I would probably reach for Flutter again if I needed to build something today, I would probably test out React Native or Nativescript before settling for sure on Flutter.

For me personally, I wouldn't reach for Swift because I would want to head into the project being able to output as an Android or iOS app. If you're set on only working on iOS apps, or working on something specific to the platform, then I would probably go with Swift, but the best way to decide is to play around a bit with each and figure out which works best for you.


why not react-native? and what u suggest if i only interested in ios development as well as backend development at the same time?


I'd still go for Flutter, no dependency hell, easier to setup, Dart language, and Flutter is way more performant. It looks difficult but it's really easy to pick-up. You could also choose to write your REST API in Dart :P


I would choose Xamarin because of the power and elegance of C# and .NET

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