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11 Radio Station App Builders To Build Radio App For Android & iOS Platforms For 2022

Here we've breakdown the list of top 11 radio station app development for android & ios to create your own radio apps in no time.

Unlike other traditional entertainment forms that are losing its grip, Radio stations are still in their peak, growing every passing year.

Yeah, in fact in America 18-34-year-olds are likely to spend more time listening to radio stations than watching traditional TV in 2025!

Though many readers predict like “nobody is listening to the radio anymore”. That can’t be right, Radio has a separate fanbase and the voice whispering background behind every house, office, the market is the sign of the Radio market growth. The online radio apps or platforms now account for about $200 Billion worth and format is growing each passing year.

These promising factors are the reasons that Radio station streaming services are still in the market.

Internet radio streaming is becoming more popular among global smartphone users and businesses from all parts of the world are taking advantage of this to build a radio station app that is being listened across the globe.

To your reference, over $4 billion is acquired as a part of profit by the Radio station app owners only through advertising.

As for the radio industry, it's obvious that only the content matters of all time to captivate the audience and engage them instantly. To all those businesses and stakeholders, who wish to build your own radio station application for your end-users and leverage your business value, here’s a list of top radio station app builders in the market to expand your radio station streaming business.

1. VPlayed - Best Radio Streaming Solution


VPlayed is an enterprise-grade OTT solution that provides software as a product. Whether you are streaming live on-air or scheduling your program, VPlayed helps to create an engaging radio show. The platform provides you with an array of features that can be customized to suit your requirements. Creating your own radio station app is not just secure but also yields more revenue in the long run.

Check out the other features of VPlayed below:

  • A customized audio platform to create a unique radio channel.
  • Powerful HLS player
  • Multiple monetization models.
  • Live and scheduled broadcast through robust CMS.
  • RSS Feed algorithm for your tailor-made music playlist
  • Supports multi-device delivery
  • Polls and social media integration to engage with subscribers MP3, ACC, WAV, .amr, .aiff and Ogg formats are supported

2. Contus Vplay - Radio Streaming Software

Contus Vplay

Equipped with a robust CDN, that provides for fast scalability, Contus Vplay is SaaP solution for all your broadcasting needs. Live social media integration and insightful user behaviour report are a handy feature to engage with your audience. Monetization models include subscription and ad-based programs!

Highlight Features:

  • SaaP Solution
  • Automated transcoding
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Social media integration
  • Real-time chat functionality
  • Geo-blocking to restrict listener by geographic regions
  • Analytics report
  • Multiple monetization models.

3. Shoutcast - Online Radio Streaming Platform


It is a customisable solution to build your own online radio station app. You could choose to use Shoutcast infrastructure or a combination of your server and Shoutcast software. It uses cloud technology and enables live streaming for unlimited listeners. Ad programs monetize your radio shows. Geolocation Management is available only for Business and Management Plans.

Highlight Features:

  • Supports MP3 and AAC format up to 320 kbps
  • Alexa Skill Integrated
  • Social media integration
  • Audience monetization through ads.
  • Analytics dashboard (for premium plans only)
  • Storage (for premium plans only)

4. - Radio Station App Builder is an all-in-one platform that provides you with the functionality to manage your entire station through cloud technology. It is a simple broadcasting platform to create a radio station app with your own web player, logo and colours. It also has features to help you interview your guests. Just like an FM station! The users include community and university radio stations.

Highlight Features:

  • Access control - Responsibility can be delegated to team members.
  • Voice tracking- Pre-record between-track-talk and add it to playlists.
  • Scheduling tools and live broadcasting supported
  • Run multiple stations
  • Instant snapshot of listeners through dynamic analytics reports.
  • Twitter can be used to drive engagement
  • Geo protection to filter the audience by region

5. Airtime pro - Internet Radio Broadcasting Software

Airtime pro

With a clean and streamlined workflow, Airtime Pro has effective tools to build a radio station website. Smart blocks help to auto-populate your content by genres or time which helps you prioritise the prime time content. A dynamic analytics report and insightful monetization programs make it easy to work with. Popular users include religious broadcasters and college radio stations.

Highlight Features:

  • Suitable for multiple devices
  • Scheduling Tool and Live broadcast through Icecast-compatible third-party software
  • Social media integration
  • Built-in Podcast capability
  • Live Show Editing allows spontaneity.
  • Hourly listener statistics
  • Supports MP3, Ogg, WAV, FLAC and AAC formats

6. Radiojar - Radio Broadcast Solution


Built by a team that connected over music and engineering, Radiojar enables building a professional-grade online radio station app through its own cloud streaming platform. The cloud library, schedules, pilots and breaks can be easily automated regardless of your location. Engage effectively with your co-hosts and listeners on-air through live show collaboration and real-time chats.

Highlight Features:

  • Minimum output at 128 kbps. (Higher bitrates also supported).
  • Cross-platform and multi-device compatible
  • Realtime Chat with listeners
  • Accessible streams even behind firewalls
  • Innovative tools to manage transitions and interruptions
  • Monthly and weekly analytics report
  • Compatible with VAST-compliant ad-provider

7. Live365 - Create Internet Radio Station


A pioneer in webcasting, Live 365 is a cloud Internet radio broadcasting solution for webcasters looking to create their own internet radio station. It uses Spacial to equip you with the tools to run your online radio station like a professional. Using scheduling software like Music Master makes it easy to set up an advance schedule of your station’s shows and playlists

Highlight Features:

  • Analytics Reports provide real-time access to the number of listeners
  • Voicebunny for voice-overs in over 50 languages.
  • Live and scheduled broadcasts
  • Monetisation through targeted audio ads
  • Filter your audience through Geoblocking, IP Banning, and Session Duration.
  • Supports uploads in .mp3 or .m4a extensions

8. Radio King - Broadcast Internet Radio

Radio King

Led by a small group of radio enthusiasts, Radio King is a great blend of innovation, passion and quality. Build an online radio station to stream to unlimited users using multiple file-formats like mp3, wav, ogg and flac, even streaming beyond firewalls. You can plan your stream and also jingles, sound clips and transitions effortlessly.

Highlight Features:

  • 320 kbps encoding and also mobile-optimised
  • Multi-device delivery
  • Live and scheduled streaming
  • Analytics reports to understand user choices
  • Social media integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Multiple file formats - mp3, wav, ogg and flac.

9. Wowza - Radio Streaming Software


Wowza was started with the goal of simplifying media streaming. Providing the tools to build a radio station app is an extension of that vision.

Audio streams can be transcoded using the built-in Wowza tool. Use the Wowza UI or build your own front end with a powerful REST API. The adaptive-bitrate HTML5 player from Wowza is a great choice for seamless broadcasting and a loyal listener base.

Highlight Features:

  • Multi-device player
  • Patented Wowza software built for speed and real-time streaming
  • Social media integration
  • Built-in audio transcoding for MP3, Vorbis, Opus, Speex, and other audio codecs
  • SaaS platform with auto-scalability.

10. Cloud Radio - Internet Radio Hosting Services

Cloud Radio

Cloud Radio is one of the leading internet-based radio stations hosting providers in the market with providing Shoutcast, Icecast and Streamcast radio servers to build your cloud-based radio station. The solution provides a customized radio listener with a monthly price based on your user base. The radio app builder helps to broadcast content through a modern console that offers 320 Kbps streaming quality, unlimited bandwidth support and timely status monitoring for your radio servers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Modern Console to manage the activities of the radio station
  • Multiple location support to deploy
  • HTTPS-enabled player
  • Advanced Analytical dashboard to manage activities
  • Free monitoring for radio servers

11. Jota Radio - Create Radio Station Apps

Jota Radio Apps

Jota Radio Apps helps On-air talents to publish a radio station app that allows them to stream music, news, Podcasts, sport and many more. With their live stream capability, listeners can access the station right from an app. The radio station app is equipped with News Feed for people from local and across the border who can consume daily news within the app. It has also been configured with a Weather forecast where Radio stations are one of the treasured platforms to keep the audience updated and engaged.

Highlighted Features:

  • Event broadcast through the radio station app
  • 4 Contact Method to connect with audience over call, message & image sharing
  • Push Notification to keep audience engaged
  • Weblinks to connect with station across devices
  • Social connect to share events on social platforms

That’s a wrap, folks!

Creating a business of Internet-based radio station service has been a lucrative business since the ad revenue alone has a huge value of around $4 billion. Choosing the right radio station app builder is a complex thing where you need to focus before approaching any solution provider. An established radio streaming solution will provide everything right from building your radio station app with the infrastructure, broadcasting content to the global audience and generating revenue from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to Create an App for My Radio Station?

You can easily create your dynamic audio app in just a few easy steps. Choose an appropriate niche with pre-loaded features that you need. Whitelabel it to have your own platform hosted, brand it with 100% customization, get real-time dashboard for analysing user metrics on the go & be present socially.

Q2. What are the Basic Features Needed to Develop a Radio Station App?

If you devise a plan to develop a radio station app, you're probably wondering what features should be included in the first release. There are endless options, but you need to cover major ones like push notifications, offline music, in-app purchase, voice search & commands, recommendations & music player.

Q3. Does My Radio Streaming Platform Need to Support Both Android & iOS?

Yes, of course. It is essential to stay connected with your audience every now and then. They digitally live in the prime support system when it comes to compatible devices & platforms right from Android, iOS apps, Smart TVs, Tablets, Browsers, Web apps, etc. The more you keep your radio platform flexible, it gets to have a wider customer base.

Q4. How Much Does it Cost to Build a Radio App?

As you look out ways to increase the presence of your customized radio station, continuous innovations make the costs of developing apps bespoke in the coming years. Turn this profitable trend to your advantage giving a friendly UX and fully end-to-end developed solution as per your requirements.

Q5. What are the Benefits of Making a Radio App for My Station?

The major factor giving you best takeaways is: you can push more traffic with adding elements of customization & making it absolutely convenient as well as personalized. Your customers can leverage unlimited uploads, protected platform access, multi-format or multi-device support, ad targeting, transcription etc.

Q6. How to Monetize a Radio Station App?

You can easily monetize your own radio broadcasting app with a large number of playlists using top revenue-generating dias like Freemium model, In-app ads, Subscription-based, and you can also Inject Ads between your audio streams. All of these can help you to reap good profitable revenue.

Q7. How to Find the Best Radio Station App Builder?

We all know the rise of radio apps has given vivid chances to businesses & stakeholders like you who wish to create a customized radio station app. You can immediately find suitable radio app builders based on content genre, streaming potentialities, number of customization, high-tech that are offered added to cost.

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