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About SSL bumping


All previous two posts talk about SSL bumping, and the previous post talks about google might not be your friend for this, because some of those you found may be outdated.

What could be wrong?

Let's focus on the SSL bumping this time.

SSL bumping

SSL bumping has actually evolved and formed into three different versions:

It'll be quite obvious when you visit each of the three different versions on their official page, but I think it is nice to point them out, because merely looking at the urls might give you another impression.


This is part of my fact-collecting blog of the squid caching server series, focusing on SSL bumping part. Next we'll be looking at more SSL bumping articles in details.

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Dinesh Rathee

LetsEncrypt have revoked around 3 million certs last night due to a bug that they found. Are you impacted by this, Check out ?