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Squid Proxy and SSL Bump, Summary

This concludes my first part of fact-collecting blogs of the squid caching server series. Again, most of them are collected from the web and reposted here, and credited back to the original url/author.

The purpose of this series is to gather all valuable articles from every corner of the earth so that we can have a one-stop location to read them all, and most importantly, in a logical order that is more suitable for someone who have no prior knowledge on the subject, for them easily to get into the details. So here is a summary of SSL enabled Squid Proxy, taken from alpinelinux wiki:

The offical squid documentation appears to prefer the term SSL interception for transparent squid deployments and SSL bumping for explicit proxy deployments. Nonetheless, both environments use the ssl_bump configuration directive (and some others) in /etc/squid/squid.conf for their configuration. In general terminology, SSL interception is generally used to describe both deployments and that will be the term used here. We are, of course, dealing with an explicit forward proxy configuration here (in that wiki article).

OK, all the reposts so far are about squid under normal #linux #server. I've also found articles on/for other platform, and am only going to include them in this summary, instead of reposting again:

Moreover, one common theme of all the reposts, if you have followed thus far, and have noticed, is that of all of them, when talking about the installation and configuration, the details are omitted. And, there is a good reason for that.

Starting from next post, we'll embark a different journey on Squid Proxy -- the second part of fact-collecting blogs of the squid caching server series. Stay tuned...

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