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Squid proxy in current trend

This starts my second part of fact-collecting blogs of the squid caching server series. Again, most of them will be collected from the web and reposted here, and credited back to the original url/author.

In the first part of the series, when talking about the installation and configuration, the details are omitted. The reason for it is that, practically speaking, using squid like that is so last decade!

The current trend is to wrap everything in docker. Quoting from here:

Docker has sparked a revolution in Platform as a Service. Numerous applications have been ported to Docker containers to run applications loads, and even more so Docker is replacing even some components that have traditionally been reserved for infrastructure. Now it is possible to run things like Web Application Firewalls and even outgoing proxy servers in containers.

Yes, docker has sparked a revolution in system services, especially those services with outside connection because of the safety concerns. Squid perfectly fits into that category. Yet, squid is not the only thing that fit for such trend. Here are more, just to illustrate that such trend is everywhere:

Alright, maybe I didn't list much variety, because I was mainly searching for squid docker after all. The point is, there is already many ready-made squid docker images, that you can just grab and use. So why bother with installation and configuration details, :-) Here is a list of a few squid docker images that I found, of no particular order:

Just to name a few. Alright, there are already so many to choose from, which one to choose then? So now is the time that the configuration details matters, :-). OK, what would I choose personally? --

Stay tuned...

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This is an interesting read! I'll have this tried when editing a page for a bathroom renovation in Brisbane.