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Supabase for Supabase

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Quick Demo! Four months of building.

This is also available as a full blog post with videos.

We're now 4 months into building Supabase, which means another major update. Let's check out a few thing we think you'll love in this release.

View relational data

We're sometimes asked how we will make Postgres as simple as Firebase, since Postgres is a relational database. This month we're making our first steps to prove that relational databases can be even easier to use than document stores. We're releasing an excel-like editing interface which can drill down into your relational data.


Manage JSON data

Postgres is an amazing database, giving the flexibility of a document store with the power of a RDBMS. If you use JSON data in Postgres, then we want to make that easy too. Supabase detects when your column is JSON or JSONB, and provides an easy way to edit and view your data. More improvements coming soon for this feature!


Choose your region

If you noticed a bit of latency on Supabase, it's because your projects were previously set up in Singapore. It was always our intention that you'd be able to choose your database region, and this month we've delivered it. In the next releases we'll even allow you to go multi-region, instantly replicating your database close to your customers.



A guiding principle at Supabase is zero lock-in. So this month we are exposing your daily database backups on the dashboard, giving you a simple way to migrate off Supabase. We have a lot more to build in this space (WAL-G!), so watch this space.


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Top comments (6)

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Peyton McGinnis

Fantastic! Been great to see this project grow.

mx profile image
Maxime Moreau

Hi, I love the project!

I'm curious about how superbase listen to postgresql changes. On superbase/realtime the readme, I've seen this line: "The beauty of listening to the replication functionality is that you can make changes to your database from anywhere - your API, directly in the DB, via a console etc - and you will still receive the changes via websockets.".
Do you have some informations (i.e links?) about how do superbase listens to the replication functionality? I've take a quick look of the source code and I didn't figure it out.

Thank you!

supabase_io profile image
Supabase • Edited

Edison is correct! We use Postgres logical decoding -

mx profile image
Maxime Moreau

Okay, thank you :)

edisonywh profile image
Edison Yap

They mentioned they use WAL stream here

duomly profile image
Duomly • Edited

Looks good, hope you'll grow and get more popular :)