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Supabase for Supabase

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Supabase: six months of building.

This is also available as a blog post.

We're 6 months into building our hosted database platform and we've made some major improvements to our auth system and table view.

Easily create tables

Set up tables and columns directly from the table view.

Create tables from the dashboard

Invite your team

You can now invite team members to your organisation.

Invite team members to Supabase

Auth: Email Confirmations

You can now enable Email Confirmations for new users. This can be toggled on or off and the template for this email can be edited via the dashboard.

Email templates

Typescript support

The biggest communty contribution to date, @thorwebdev added Typescript support to Supabase. He even live streamed the process.

This gif shows how TypeScript makes it even easier to use Supabase, through VSCode's intellisense.


We have a number of small improvements:

From the community

The release of Auth last month accelerated our community growth, based on Orbit Levels.

This image shows our community growth. In August we had about 250 active members across GitHub and Twitter

Coming next

Our focus now is to move from Alpha to Beta. This involves stabilising our Auth API, improving dashboard performance, and benchmarking all of our systems. This could take more than one month, as we have a number of company-related activities to wrap up (we just finished YC!).

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Tobias Nickel

supqbase looks very interesting because I already love working with postgres.

recently I shared an article how to build realtime reactive apps with pistgres. It demonstrates the combined use use of triggers and notifications. Is something similar used inside supabase?