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Awesome AI tools to assist you in coding


With the rise in AI, there have been various tools that can help you in doing a variety of tasks. Writing code is a skill in which AI can also help you directly or indirectly.

Today, I am going to list down some of the AI tools that can boost your productivity while writing code. These tools will help in

  • codebase searches
  • generating code on your command
  • finding the vulnerability in the codebase
  • adding comments to the code and generating documents from code

Let's get started.


A search engine for your codebase; Ask Documatic a question and find relevant code and insights in seconds


Documatic is not a typical AI tool but it uses machine learning under the hood to find patterns in the code. It is a codesearch engine for your codebase. It has become quite important to know the codebase before writing a single code. To do that, you can perform a different query on the codebase with Documatic. It understands natural language so that you don't need to be an expert to make a query.

As per your query, it will fetch you the codeblock from the codebase. Rather than being a normal code search tool, it also identifies a pattern in the codebase. You can also perform different tasks such as dependency mapping and generating a codebase report.

You can use documatic on the web, through your VS Code, and from Slack.

Here is the VS Code Extension link:

Tabnine/GitHub Co-piolet

Your AI pair programmer

GitHub Co-piolet

Both tools do the same task of completing code as per the command. Both are AI-based tools. Along with commands, they can write code along with you writing code. They complete the inline code. This works more accurately code with code lines that most other developers used such as connecting to the database, making API calls, or others.

Both of them work quite fine without noticeable errors. Choosing between them can be your personal choice. That's why I will recommend you use both of them to find what's the best suit you.


Build the documentation you've always wanted. Beautiful out of the box, easy to maintain, and optimized for user engagement.


Writing documentation is not easy, especially for coders. But with Mintlify you can generate documentation. You can also generate comments for your codebase using the tool. It is available as an extension for VS Code and IntelliJ code editors.

It's quite easy to generate comments using the tool. You just need to highlight the code and click Ctrl + . for generating the comments.

VS Code Extension Link:

Codex Sandbox

An API for accessing new AI models developed by OpenAI for coding.

Codex JavaScript Sandbox

It is an Open AI model that generates code for you. As you do on ChatGPT, you just need to enter your command for the code. It will give back to you a full fledge program that will run.

I give it an instruction to "extract data from an API for the most goal scored in the premier league". It finds an API from where it can extract data and did processing on it to get the exact data. It can also find some awesome APIs according to your problem.

Snyk Code

Secure your code as it’s written with static application security testing built by, and for, developers.

Snyk Code

This tool analyzes the codebase to detect bugs and security issues. It uses the DeepCode engine for analyzing the codebase. It also provides fix advice to solve and prevent any errors.

You can just need to connect your codebase through GitHub. You can use their code editor extension to scan code directly from the code editor. You can also automate it for checking any PR that is
made to your codebase for any vulnerabilities.

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These tools will help you in writing good code that will be less security prone. I will recommend you use each tool in your workflow to find out which fits best for you.

I hope these tools provide benefit to you. Thanks for reading the blog post.

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Salvation Maduka

Good information

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Suraj Vishwakarma

Glad that you like it

surajondev profile image
Suraj Vishwakarma

Which AI tool do you use for coding?

omprakash2929 profile image

Best ai Tool for coding : ChatGPT

surajondev profile image
Suraj Vishwakarma

Definetly a cool one that can do a lot of stuff

lgrammel profile image
Lars Grammel

Cool list! I'm developing a new open source vs code extension to get AI support into your IDE:

Would love to hear what you think!