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It took me around half an hour to figure it out the way to install deno in my linux machine(debian)

and run just "deno"

The installation process is quite easy but newbie like me always gets confused. This is for those like who were not able to find the right way to install it and open the deno with single command deno.

My steps and procedure may be wrong or bad practice but this way I solved it

First step was to install the deno using

 curl -fsSL https://deno.land/x/install/install.sh | sh

Just type it on the shell and it will download the bin file(executable file) file

After this It will prompt to add the two file in .profile or .bashrc I followed the process was able to run the deno but I was not able to use the shortcut "deno" what I did was

 export PATH=~/.deno/bin/deno:$PATH

in our .bashrc file which is found in our ~(home directory of user). just type
'la' in shell. we will find .bashrc if you are using bash terminal if not create one and add the above statement. I used vim for editing so after saving
and type the command.

  source ~/.bashrc

and by typing the deno it worked for me

If it still doesn't work for you exit terminal and try it again.

Regarding zsh if the deno is not working we have to put the export command before zsh mentioned in .bashrc

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in ubuntu:
two files manually add the directory to your .profile
in terminal source ~ / .profile