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Health for Software Engineers🤾

There's this common saying - "health is wealth", a proverb often forgotten in modern world. As the world is picking pace and moving faster than ever before, our health is what turns out to be most neglected 😞.

Now coming to us developers, most us might not prefer to speak on boring topics like health, and quite similarly the software world is very famous for its sedentary lifestyle.

Many software engineers have complained of severe back pain and other issues till they realised that health is something which is important as well.

Tips for better health ✅

If you are a software engineer, these following suggestions might gift you a better health and a better life. 🎉

Get Moving🚶‍♂️
This is probably the most simple yet the most effective decision you as a developer could take for your health.

After sitting on your chair for hours you might feel a strange dip in your focus and energy levels. A simple walk for 30 mins outside will bring back the focus and refresh your energy levels🔋.

Who knows you might even get an idea for the bug long left unsolved 🤯!

Human body was not meant to sit for hours in front of a computer. So try getting up and moving around every now and then and I cannot stress this enough.

Drink Water 🚰
This is one of the most underrated options. You need to keep yourself hydrated, so consider sipping on a glass of water every now and then.

Up to 60% of the human adult body is water

So, do make sure to keep yourself hydrated 🥤.


I agree its hard to find time to workout on a regular basis. But lack of physical activity is a silent killer🔪.

Make a determination to workout 3-4 times a week as this will only help you stay healthy in the long run. And better health correlates to better focus 🧠 which equals better software development (if you're a developer).

If its hard for you to find time to hit the gym, no worries, I am attaching some links to workout sessions which I personally find very helpful.

Even 20 mins of home workout, 3 / 4 times a week is way better than weeks of no activity.

Nutrition 🥦

Proper nutrition plays a vital role in your health. Instead of eating out prefer food made at home, and prefer fruits and vegetables🍎 over junks 🍔.

Sleep 😴

Probably the most important of all. A good night's sleep can give you a full day's energy and to take on the nasty bug that has been giving you sleepless nights for weeks.

Sleep is so underrated ✅.

These were some of the changes you as a developer can make in your lifestyle that may not show immediate results but more often than not will help you in the long run.🎉

P.S - Would be great if you let me know in comments where I went wrong or have missed something 😀.

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