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Microsoft Graph API access denied in search for driveItems

Currently, I'm developing a Blazor Web App that reads files from another tenant's OneDrive. We need to have a search functionality through the files using the search for files capability.

I'm using MS Graph SDK.
The code boils down to a simple one-liner:

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However, it didn't work and throwed a 401 error:

Status Code: Forbidden
Microsoft.Graph.ServiceException: Code: accessDenied
Message: The caller does not have permission to perform the action.

I already registered my App and added the Files.Read.All permission but it just didn't work.
Now I remembered, that OneDrive for Business uses Sharepoint as backend and it organizes files within sites.
So they key is to also add the Sites.Read.All permission.

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Nicolas Moreau (Microsoft)

The reason you are getting this is because the API does not support App Level permission.
See :