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Becoming a Better iOS Developer Through Tooling: My AltConf 2017 talk

The fine folks at Realm have now uploaded the remaining videos from AltConf 2017 — including the presentation that I gave there.

You can watch it a Realm Academy, here.

Presenting in the US for the first time was a really exciting experience for me — and something that I'm going to push myself to do more of. I really loved the rush of being there presenting in a foreign country on a foreign language.

I'm gonna call this one a victory — although I know there's some stuff in the presentation that could've used a little more polishing, I'm quite happy with how everything turned out.

What's nice about this, is that I can now watch myself with a calm head and take notes of things that I can improve for future conference talks in the US or around the world.

I'd really appreciate any constructive feedback you share with me about this presentation. Hit me up at, or @Swanros on Twitter.

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