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started learning rust

So, I decided to learn a new programming language. After doing some studies around I got attracted to the features of rust and how good it is. All those fastness, memory management, strictness were fascinating for me. Things for which I hated javascript were pretty much addressed here.

At the first most of my time went in understanding what it is and where should I start. Whether I should jump on a framework directly and learn while creating something or start with the fundamentals.
I found most of the devs out there recommending the book on the main website of rust. Yeah! They have it pretty summed up over. You don't have to go somewhere else to learn it.
Also I found that most of the community uses Actix web framework for webdevelopment.

Below are the resources which I have noted down for learning rust.


for JS devs :

Actix :

Currently looking into

Nice references :

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Christos Maris

Thanks for sharing Swapnil! 😃

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Swapnil Mhaske👨‍💻🎮☕🌄