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Startup Digest Developer - Issue #2

This issue highlights :
How to incorporate a GitOps approach into enterprise architecture - an illustrated guide from Bob Reselman.

How Soroco manages to build large scale systems and products with Python.

For developers concerned with memory allocation by their application, Prof Daniel Lemire explains how to measure memory usage: virtual versus real memory.

As a principal engineer, you can effectively be operating as a team of one – and that makes it a little trickier to manage your time — Sabrina Leandro on how to set and prioritize goals as a principal engineer?

Dan North talks about the purpose of testing.

Gergely Orosz explains, what are the key traits of product-minded engineers?

Google Cloud’s CEO Thomas Kurian spoke about his plans for making the Cloud business unit turn a profit and rise above it’s now third place.

Apple’s ML researchers have developed a no-code AI platform called ‘Trinity’ For Complex Spatial Datasets.


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