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Gabor Szabo
Gabor Szabo

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Perl modules with their own web sites

Some Perl libraries (or frameworks if you wish) have their own web sites asides from Meta::CPAN that allow customization and more "personalization".

For example:

It is very easy to create a static web site free of charge on GitHub pages, but I could understand if people were reluctant to promote a URL that is based on a commercial service.

On the other hand they might not want to spend 10-20 USD/year on a domain name.

It might be interesting if they could get a subdomain name under or maybe that would be set up to DNS resolve to the GitHub pages IP address or to some other similar service.

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🌌 Sébastien Feugère ☔ • Edited

Worth mentioning Type::Tiny and Zydeco by the same person. Really, the second one is an incredible piece of Modern Perl™ marketting.

Note the subdomain technique that doesn't imply extra cost for each website.

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Johan Lindstrom

Yeah, the Zydeco one is very nice!

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Michael Dingler

Also Catalyst and Template Toolkit. Both not necessarily the newest pages and thus the best advertisements…

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Dave Cross

More detail on the GitHub Pages route.

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E. Choroba

The previous maintainer of xsh used to keep the page at sourceforge, I prefer GitHub Pages.

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Yuki Kimoto - Perl Club

I also write Github Page document. Giblog and SPVM.