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Weekly Notes, Goals For Next Week

Now that I have finished my structured coding Bootcamp, I want to use Sundays as an opportunity to reflect on my previous week's work and set goals for the next week. I'm looking forward to exploring new topics while I continue my job search.

Last Week

Last week I focused on finishing up my React/Redux project review, preparing for/taking my mock behavioral interview, and looking into what I'm going to want to spend my time learning now that I am finished with my last project.

What I learned/Overall Plan for the Next Few Months

There is a lot to learn in the realm of programming. I feel very fortunate to have a post-grad outline provided by my Bootcamp that I can customize to fit my own career goals. From digesting the information from the post-grad plan as well as countless articles, I've decided to take my plan one week at a time and focus on setting weekly learning topics based on my interests and job postings I'm interested in. I've also decided that I will be continuously working on new projects and using my new learning to advance my past projects.

Next Week

In the upcoming week, I have a mock technical interview, which I've chosen to do in React. To prepare for this, I am currently refreshing my understanding of React/Redux with Free Code Camp's Front End Libraries section. I am almost done with the reading/practice problems and plan to build all the practice projects and a front-end focused portfolio in the upcoming week. In addition to this, I've found a few resources on interview questions and hope to find some coding challenges to work through as well.

Resources I plan to use next week:

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Himanshu Tiwari 🌼

Well, I can only say
We believe you can

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Thank you, that is very kind. :)