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A Full-stack Application with Svelte and Node

A few days ago, I shared on github a complete full-stack application built with Svelte/Sapper on the frontend and Node/Express on the backend — check out the live demo.

This application is split into two projects: the frontend and the backend. The frontend communicates with the backend through its API to store data into the database and perform authentication/authorization, etc.

This project covers things like:

  • Authentication/Authorization with JWT
  • Maintaining logged-in user data with sessions and cookies
  • Routing
  • Communicating with a backend API
  • Handling errors
  • Pagination
  • Loading states
  • Preloading data
  • Prefetching data
  • Rendering nested components recursively
  • More stuff

If you're interested in how this appilcation was built, stay tuned for the blog series that I'm going to start very soon. In this series, you'll learn how to build the same demo from scratch!

For updates on the blog series, follow me on twitter @tahazsh.


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taffit profile image

Hello @tahazsh , and thank you for the article / code. Is there any reason why you removed the related blog posts from your blog? Quite a hassle to find them on the internet again.

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Taha Shashtari

It's back, and I'll be posting new parts very soon!

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Thanks for this, Taha! I'm wondering when you might be posting the blog series explaining how you built this. Let us know!

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Taha Shashtari

The first four parts are already live: More parts are coming very soon!