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Tahseen Zahra
Tahseen Zahra

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My Hacktoberfest Journey :)

I’m a newbie towards programming. I was introduced to this field in September 2019 when I started a CS50 course “Introduction to Computer Science” besides, I also learnt the basics of HTML from w3school.

I came to know about Hacktoberfest in the same year. So jumped into it to participate. Watched tutorials to get guidance on how I could participate. The interface of GitHub was just passing over my head. While trying to understand what Github is I forked one of the repositories by an accident, but could not understand what is it, what I have done… I was confused throughout October, and often visited GitHub's and Hacktoberfest's website and my feelings were like standing in the ground alone staring at the things there and then returning back. And then on 22 October, my classes at university started and I got busy into that… now just having the idea that Hacktoberfest is about contributing to others code, I left it behind.

This year in 2020 I got an email regarding Hacktoberfest as a reminder. I decided to do the best and take part in it. Still, I didn’t know how to use the GitHub. Started my search again after my last exam on 29th of September and luckily found one of DevTips video on the workflow of Git in which everything was clearly mentioned. This was the turning point. I created my own repository on 3rd of October practised everything I learned e.g how to fork, clone, create the branch and commit it, create a pull request and much more. And here the interesting journey started and I contributed to others repository. It was really fun I enjoyed a lot.
The issues on which I worked were changing the background colour of the website, redesign the footer, add speed testing paragraphs and much more.
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Due to Hacktoberfest, my fear to contribute to any open-source projects has vanished.
Here the journey of my first Hacktoberfest ends and I claimed for the T-shirt. But this was just the first step towards contributing to the open-source community and now it will be continued…
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Md. Anam Hossain

Good to hear your story. Inspiring

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Amruta Ranade