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Sadly, relearning VB6 because I have to help support a vital legacy application that's been in operation for nearly 20 years. I'll need to understand the app well in order to build a service based replacement.

I am also continuing to learn more about industrial control systems and how IoT fits into this puzzle.


I'm happy with that part of it. It's not as big of a mess as some other legacy applications I've had to support in the past. There is also a serious commitment to modernizing it here, unlike other places I've worked.


Learning C by working on a shell and basically a "terminal forum".


In context, I’d say react, material-ui, and anything in the imposter’s handbook.

Also, I’ve been reading about how to choose the right tool for the job, e.g., when to use a nosql database, when to scale, etc. I can’t wait to be more hands on in that area.

Honestly, I’m fascinated by so many things, I don’t know what to grab onto. I’d like to get back to robotics like I was doing in college. The world may or may not be run by data scientists, so that’s an area that fascinates me. And who doesn’t want to design tools for AR?

Out of context, I’m focused on improving my emotional intelligence and mental toughness so that my son will learn them, too. 💪🏻💪🏻


I'm learning Rust. Coming from the Python world, it's a totally different mindset


I'm learning Rust too and I'm in love with the language


That's great to hear. What resources are you using?

Mostly the official book and articles in the idiomatic-rust repository


Learning Spring Boot at my job, personally working on a Laravel Project, since I have a Mac I decided to get into IOS and Mac development so learning Swift also. So many side projects and plans, only the time to do them all 🙂

  • Object-oriented Javascript, hopefully with more leaning towards Typescript as time goes on
    • Avenues towards this would be code puzzles, especially screeps since I just bought a lifetime subscription
  • Jekyll and have me intrigued about Ruby and Rails though...

Mostly, though, I've been focusing more on documentation. I like the idea of having a completely squared away resume, personal site, blog, resource list, etc. It's not as glamorous as the new tech hotness, but it will hopefully help future me later :)


Learning Django framework (my first ever framework) and I'm loving it. I must say I have utmost respect for all the people who put their time into developing such things, made me realize how stupid I actually was/am


Currently a mix between better, more efficient WordPress development, python (to eventually learn django), and trying to generate low effort income streams (blogging, theme development, automated e-commerce).


Learning WebGL and OpenGL at the same time. While learning also trying to build some useful tools I might use later on.


Work: ASP.NET/C#/VB.NET, AngularJS, Knockout.
Free time: React, less, flexbox/grid, Ruby.


I am learning AWS to get AWS certificate. This certificate helps my company become an AWS partner. Besides that, I am also learning and working with React, Java for my project.


Node.js/Express (basics, just for the notions), Vue.js (client app for a Rails API) and Flutter (same) 😀


Learning everything about Javascript, Frameworks and Backend.


Vue.js and Spectron for some side electron project I'm working on.
I'm struggling with vue though, but mostly cause i don't think i got the basics of it nailed.
Will definitely come back and learn it again after i finish the project.


Learning iOS networking and REST apis with Swift. Good stuff, and not as hard as I thought it might be.


React or Vue, because I'll finally feel like I'll overcome a huge hurdle once I get the hang of it!


Learning Kotlin,loving its power, elegance and versatility.


Keras :) If anyone have good tutorials or examples, please let me know :)


Currently learning JavaScript and NodeJS. Right now working on creating a small package and make it available on npm.


React Native is extremely cool, and it's been primarily what I've focused on this summer. I normally stuck to backend, but this summer I tried to learn frontend, with React and React Native.


Serverless with Lambda, DynamoDB and Api Gateway. I also learn a bit of Three.js :)


I'd like to learn everything there is, but now I have time only for ReactJs.


Deepening my React knowledge and also learning React Native.

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